All Swim *Original*-SOLD
All Swim *Original*-SOLD

All Swim *Original*-SOLD

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"All Swim"

Under the sea we all swim. Mermaids, turtles and seahorses under the sea.  This mixed media piece started with texture on a canvas.  Just random swipes of paint after I mixed for another creation, brushing the stir stick on the canvas after mixing texture for a faux stone.  Over time the ocean creatures started to emerge.  First the mermaid swaying with the current, then the family of fish came out and the turtle swam in.  The seahorse is composed of vintage sheet music.  

You will see torn pages with burnt edges from a century old book titled, All About Animals copyright 1900 McLoughlin Bros., New York. 

Your eye will travel around this painting like the current in the ocean.

Mixed media painted on a  ½” gallery wrapped edge canvas.

Measures 24" W x 20" H.   All images are copyrighted.